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Midge Murphy, JD, Ph.D Energy Medicine

"Midge Murphy is among the most qualified, thoughtful, sensitive and intuitive counselors I have had the pleasure to teach and to call a friend. Her ability to provide clear and grounded guidance to her clients is the result of dedicated study, practice, and a genuine concern for the well-being of her clients. I am deeply supportive of her work and of Midge who is without a doubt, a beautiful spirit."    

—Caroline Myss, Author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit

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Midge's new book Practice Energy Healing in Integrity, The Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically is now available.

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Practice Energy Healing in Integrity is an essential resource and reference guide for all practitioners who use energy healing methods.

With clarity and candor, Midge demystifies the world of ethics and legalities in the practice of energy healing.

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  • Are you a licensed or non-licensed practitioner of the healing arts?
  • Are you a coach or provide personal development services?
  • Do you incorporate energy therapies or techniques in your practice?
  • Do you train or teach others any energy-based therapy or technique?
  • Do you offer certification in any energy-based therapy or technique?
  • Legal Authorities and Energy Practitioners

    For nearly a decade I have been empowering energy healing practitioners and organizations that train practitioners to minimize the risks inherent in offering innovative energy-oriented methods to the public. While energy medicine and energy psychology are gaining recognition and visibility, they are still perceived as being “suspect”, “unproven”, and “on the fringe” by legal authorities, including licensing boards, regulatory agencies, and the Federal Trade Commission. The reality is because of our current legal and regulatory system, both licensed and non-licensed practitioners using energy techniques and organizations offering training face significant challenges.

    Be Empowered and Reduce Your Risk

    You can empower your practice or organization and reduce your vulnerabilities by implementing risk management strategies. As an energy healing practitioner myself, I’m here to support and encourage your work by offering a number of risk management packages at discounted prices.

    It’s not uncommon for energy-oriented practitioners to be resistant to the legalities of their practices. What I’ve experienced is that once appropriate risk management tools are implemented, a practitioner moves from a place of resistance and fear to one of empowerment.

    Special Discount Packages - Take advantage of this special offer now!

    In addition to offering her services on an hourly basis, Midge has created discounted packages to provide the basic risk management tools all practitioners need. Each package is designed to include consulting services from a basic website audit to covering practitioners that conduct public workshops and those that train others. Midge also has a package for training organizations.