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"Midge has always given our organization topnotch, straight forward information. When we have any shady areas of ethical concerns, I always communicate with her to align things properly. She has been an invaluable resource for CSTA.NA"

—Craniosacral Association of North America

Professional Liability Risk Management Consultant

Ethics, Legal Principles & Risk Management Strategies in the Practice of Energy Healing Methods
Legal Authorities and Energy Healing Practitioners

For nearly a decade I have been empowering energy healing practitioners and organizations that train practitioners to minimize the risks inherent in offering innovative energy-oriented methods to the public. While energy medicine and energy psychology are gaining recognition and visibility, they are still perceived as being “suspect”, “unproven”, and “on the fringe” by legal authorities, including licensing boards, regulatory agencies, and the Federal Trade Commission. The reality is because of our current legal and regulatory system, both licensed and non-licensed practitioners using energy healing methods and organizations offering training face significant challenges.

Be Empowered and Reduce Your Risk

You can empower your practice or organization and reduce your vulnerabilities by implementing risk management strategies. As an energy healing practitioner myself, I’m here to support and encourage your work by offering a number of risk management packages at discounted prices.

It’s not uncommon for energy healing practitioners to be resistant to the legalities of their practices. What I’ve experienced is that once appropriate risk management tools are implemented, a practitioner moves from a place of resistance and fear to one of empowerment.

Since energy healing methods are still considered experimental by the mainstream health care industry, the legal system, licensing boards, and regulatory agencies, all practitioners who use energy healing methods or techniques face significant ethical, legal, and regulatory challenges that include and go beyond the concerns of more traditional practitioners of the healing arts. Energy healing methods are multidisciplinary, comprised of many different types of helping professionals, both licensed and non-licensed. Each group has specific legal and ethical concerns in conducting their practices. As energy healing methods have been introduced and integrated into the personal development, coaching, allied health care professions, and traditional health care, training organizations have developed programs to teach and train individuals in energy healing methods…..many of them offering certification.

Midge is dedicated to empowering her clients to do their healing work in the world whether they work with clients or teach others.

A risk management audit of your practice or training program is empowering and the answer to help reduce your exposure to potential legal, ethical, and regulatory vulnerabilities.

In addition to offering her services on an hourly basis, Midge, as the single member of Midge Murphy JD, PhD, LLC has created discounted packages to provide the basic risk management tools all practitioners need. Each package is designed to include consulting services from a basic website audit to covering practitioners that conduct public workshops and those that train others. Midge Murphy JD, PhD, LLC also has a Package for training organizations.


While Midge no longer practices law, she does offer professional liability risk management consulting services to clients to minimize the risks inherent in offering innovative energy-oriented methods to the public. Specifically Midge, as the single member of Midge Murphy JD, PhD, LLC, can provide the following services:


Midge, as the single member of Midge Murphy JD, PhD, LLC, has worked with numerous organizations that offer classes and/or certification programs in energy based modalities such as Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), Tapas Fleming (TAT®), Dynamic Energetic Healing® (Howard Brockman), Sai Maa, LLC, Splankna Therapy Institute (Sarah Theissen, LCSW), Center for Healing & Transformation (Mary Sise, LCSW), Havening Techniques® (Drs. Ron & Steve Ruden), Soul Detective® Method (Barbara Stone, LCSW), and Matrix Energetics International, Inc.   

Specifically Midge, as the single member of Midge Murphy JD, PhD, LLC, can provide the following services:

Midge’s consulting services and online courses are designed for:

Energy Psychologists, Acupuncturists , Mental Health Care Practitioners, Integrative Physicians, Shamanic Practitioners, Herbalists, Reiki Practitioners, Medical Intuitives, Naturopaths, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch Practitioners, Massage Therapists and Body Workers, Mind/Body Therapists, Personal Development Counselors, Coaches, Anyone using energy healing methods or techniques with clients and organizations or individuals offering classes, training, and/or certification in an energy healing method or technique.