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Ethics & Legal Principles in Energy Healing Methods

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"Practice Energy Healing in Integrity, The Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically"

"Midge Murphy is among the most qualified, thoughtful, sensitive and intuitive counselors I have had the pleasure to teach and to call a friend. Her ability to provide clear and grounded guidance to her clients is the result of dedicated study, practice, and a genuine concern for the well-being of her clients. I am deeply supportive of her work and of Midge who is without a doubt, a beautiful spirit."


Caroline Myss

Author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit

Melissa Joy Jonsson

"Healing occurs in the presence of integrity. Truly Midge Murphy is a pioneer leading the path of integrity in the field of Energy Medicine. This book provides the reader with an informative and joyful guide to effectively work within parameters of integrity as an energy-based practitioner. Midge simply demystifies the complex (and often misunderstood) ethical and legal issues faced by healers/practitioners and clients alike. This book provides a clear path for anyone wishing to practice or experience the benefits of integrity in the emerging fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

'Practice Energy Healing in Integrity' is a must read for anyone seeking to navigate and participate in the vast world of energy healing modalities without fear, in order to experience the freedom that ethical and legal guidelines offers to everyone. I am grateful Midge has provided these pivotal keys in a written format that can truly benefit the world."

Melissa Joy Jonsson

Bestselling Author of 'Little Book of Big Potentials', Global EM Instructor for M-Joy and Matrix Energetics

Melinda H. Connor

"With clarity and candor, Midge Murphy demystifies the world of ethics and legalities in her book - Ethics, Legal Principles & Risk Management Strategies for EFT practitioners.

Midge blends her knowledge of energy healing with her extensive legal background to create a coherent combination. Both licensed and non-licensed practitioners will benefit from the numerous case examples – trust me, this book is not a boring text! She knows our world.

This book is a must read for anyone who ventures into the exciting world of energy psychology so that in our ignorance we do not make claims that are misleading and potentially dangerous for both ourselves and our clients. Being informed is the ethical stance.

Mary Sise, LCSW, LLC is a Past President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and co-author of the book: The Energy of Belief: Psychology’s Power Tools to Focus Intention & Release Blocking Beliefs."

An international presenter of keynotes and workshops, Mary maintains a private practice in Latham, NY.

Mary Sise, LCSW, LLC


Melinda H. Connor

A clear, careful explanation of the issues involved in ethics and responsibility for the energy healing practitioner. This book is a valuable contribution to the developing body of literature in the energy practices field. It is a MUST read!"

Melinda H. Connor D.D., PhD, AMP, FAM

CEO National Foundation for Energy Healing

Ethics, Legal Issues & Risk Management Strategies For EFT Practitioners"
Michael DeMolina

"If you aspire to the highest level of excellence as an EFT practitioner, this book is the place to start! Nowhere will you find such a wide array of topics specific to the practice of EFT, including risk management, ethics, marketing, scope of practice, informed consent and practitioner boundaries. You could spend thousands of dollars getting vague information from a business attorney who doesn't know EFT, or you could read this book first to truly empower your practice. Midge has created essential reading for anyone considering integrating EFT services into their practice. "

Michael DeMolina, MS PhD(c) AK LPCS / CDCS / MAC

Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology
NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, SNLP #161

Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank

"This eBook should be mandatory reading for every EFT practitioner. Midge Murphy is unique in her education, which draws both from the legal and energy medicine fields and we believe there is no one else that brings such a critical perspective. As directors and mentors of the EFT Mastering Business Acumen practitioner program, we know and teach the importance of being an ethical and successful EFT practitioner. This book is well-written, exhaustively researched, fascinating, insightful and simply a must for anyone who does EFT with another person. This book may very well save your practice from legal challenges that you had no idea you were susceptible to."

Craig Weiner, DC

Chiropractor, Certified EFT and Right Brain Aerobics Trainer/Coach/Mentor
Life Coaching and Workshops
EFT Coaches’ MBA (Mastering Business Acumen)

Alina Frank

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer

Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank
Betsy B. Muller

"Knowledge is power! This book stands alone as the ONLY book addressing the unique ethical and legal concerns applicable to the practice of EFT. EFT practitioners are vulnerable to a wide range of risks that can be minimized. Anyone who professionally offers EFT, whether licensed or not, will reap huge benefits from reading this book and applying the recommendations."

Betsy B. Muller, MBA, ACP-EFT, CEHP, CEC

ACEP Certified EFT and Energy Health Practitioner ,Certified Intermediate EFT Practitioner-1,
CEO, The Indigo Connection, LLC,
Amazon Best Selling Author of the Energy Makeover®

Nick Ortner

"Midge Murphy has done an incredible service to every EFT practitioner AND also for those people seeking competent and responsible EFT professionals. Only 86 pages, yet loaded with practical information on scope of practice, clients agreements, informed consent, marketing, disclaimers and more. This is the first book ever written that addresses ethics, legal issues, & risk management strategies for EFT practitioners. This book will make a significant and positive impact on the emerging field of EFT."

Nick Ortner

Author & CEO of The Tapping Solution

Barbara Stone

"This little book provides a guide in clear language of how EFT practitioners can avoid the legal and ethical pitfalls that have ensnared some excellent practitioners. Midge makes it easy with clear, practical solutions for the common mistakes that get practitioners into legal trouble. From her unique perspective of having a background in both law and energy work, Midge gives excellent case examples to ground theoretical ideas into practical applications of the knowledge presented in this book. When we know the rules, we can stay out of trouble! "

Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP

Developer of the Soul Detective® Method




Craniosacral Association of North America

"Midge has always given our organization topnotch, straight forward information. When we have any shady areas of ethical concerns, I always communicate with her to align things properly. She has been an invaluable resource for CSTA.NA"

Craniosacral Association of North America




Christina N.

“Midge was fabulous… her energy, integrity, professionalism, command of the material, plus personal experience in the healing arts made it a wonderful class.”

Christina N.
Christopher M.

“Midge was wonderful! She managed what could have been a dry subject... spiritual, fun, and insightful”.

Christopher M.