Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, LLC, Energy Medicine

Professional Liability Risk Management Consultant, Author, Speaker

Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, LLC, Energy Medicine

Practice Energy Healing in Integrity; the Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically

Recognized as the gold standard for practitioners of energy healing methods!

"With clarity and candor, Midge demystifies the world of ethics and legalities in the practice of energy healing methods"

"A must read for all energy healing practitioners"

Updated Version Now Available!

Since first published in 2015, the book has been recognized as the gold standard in ethics, legal issues, and risk management strategies in the practice of energy healing methods. The updated version of the book includes expanded and additional vital content for both licensed and non-licensed practitioners of energy healing methods.

Now available in print and as an eBook!

Practice Energy Healing in Integrity continues to be an essential resource and reference guide for all practitioners who use energy healing methods.

Energy healing methods are considered experimental by the mainstream health care industry, the legal system, licensing boards, and regulatory agencies. Consequently, all practitioners who use energy healing methods, whether licensed or non-licensed face significant legal risks.

This book covers key ethical and legal principles, practical considerations when working with clients, informed consent, scope of practice, and the legalities of marketing an energy healing practice. You will have the opportunity to identify the potential ethical and/or legal vulnerabilities that could be present in your practice. It provides essential risk management strategies that can protect your practice from the potential legal liabilities inherent in offering energy healing methods to the public

You will have the opportunity to learn how to assess and select appropriate clients to work with. You will also be introduced to the core ethical concepts in therapeutic relationships and how they apply to energy healing practitioners. From that foundation you will be able to expand the traditional view of ethics to include working with clients on intuitive and energetic levels. In defining a new ethic of caring with clients, this book also examines the concept of the therapeutic relationship as a sacred contract between the practitioner and client. This sacred contract utilizes archetypes as the guardians of ethical relationships

Midge’s expert advice can help ensure the viability of your practice and empower you to practice in integrity so you can experience the joy of offering your energy healing gifts legally and ethically.


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Mary Sise, LCSWS, LLC

"With clarity and candor, Midge Murphy demystifies the world of ethics and legalities in her book. Trust me, this book is not a boring text! She knows our world."

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