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Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, LLC, Energy Medicine

Practice Energy Healing in Integrity

Book & Exam - Affiliate Program

Revenue Generating Opportunity!

Incorporate the book and related exam as your required ethics/legal/risk management training for your certification program.

A unique opportunity to enhance the integrity and professionalism of your practitioner certification program, to provide legal protection to your organization, and to deliver the gold standard in ethics/legal/risk management training in energy healing methods to your students and practitioners.

Core Issues

To protect the sustainability and status of your practitioner certification program, it is essential to include ethics/legal/risk management training in your curriculum for becoming certified and maintaining certification.

You may not be fully aware of how your organization can be held legally liable for the actions of its students and practitioners. If a disgruntled client sues one of your students or practitioners, your organization can be sued as well.

If one of your students or practitioners gets into trouble with a licensing board or runs afoul of Federal Trade Commission rules, it can dramatically impact the viability of your organization.

Without this training your organization is missing a key component needed to be perceived as having a legitimate certification program, which can affect legal cases and legislative considerations.


An incomparable opportunity to enhance the integrity of your program and an exceptional solution and peace of mind for training your students and practitioners. Simply add the book and related exam to your core curriculum at no cost to you – and earn revenue on each Exam.

  • They are used widely by a number of organizations with great success.
  • This training can provide liability protection for your organization.
  • This is a win-win for everyone – details below.

Midge’s ground-breaking book, Practice Energy Healing in Integrity: The Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically, and the online Exam, based on the book, are considered the gold standard for practitioners of energy healing methods.

Make this book required reading along with the Exam to provide your students and practitioners with the education and knowledge they need to establish a legally sound and ethical practice – and give your organization the protection it needs.

Simple Implementation Plus Revenue

Midge provides your organization with links to the book and Exam for its website. She handles all aspects of administering and grading the Exams, including copying your organization on the email she sends to the student/practitioner with their Certificate of Completion attached. This way, your organization knows that the student/practitioner has successfully passed the ethics/legal/risk management training. There is no additional work for your organization except to place the links to the book and Exam on its website.

First distributed in 2015, Midge published an expanded and updated version in 2020. The print and Kindle version of the book are available on Amazon; the PDF version of the book and the Exam are only available on her website.

For each Exam purchased for the price of $150 through the Exam link on your website, your organization receives a 10% affiliate commission ($15) which is paid on a quarterly basis.

  • ELEVATE YOUR PROGRAM – This training enhances your organization’s reputation and the legitimacy of your practitioner certification program.

  • TRAINED PRACTITIONERS – Practitioners well-informed in ethics, legal issues, and risk management strategies will have the education that’s critical for creating legally sound and ethical practices. Your students and practitioners will receive training in key ethical and legal principles, practical considerations, including how to assess and select appropriate clients, informed consent, scope of practice, and the legalities of marketing an energy healing practice. Their Certificate of Completion means they’ve earned a valuable professional credential.

  • YOUR LEGAL PROTECTION – As part of the certification program’s core curriculum, this ethics/legal/risk management training can help your organization avoid potential legal liability from the actions of its students and practitioners. Get peace of mind. Be proactive by requiring students and practitioners to complete this training.

  • SIMPLE TO IMPLEMENT – Administration handled entirely by Midge with book and Exam links provided.


Your First Step

Contact Midge to receive your courtesy PDF copy of her 2020 revised and expanded book and her standard Ethics Exam Affiliate Program Agreement for your review.


  1. “This book and exam is a must for any energy practitioner and will be on my recommended reading list for students and colleagues alike. I’ve become much more aware and enlightened as to the dichotomy of the desire to help other heal themselves and the very real legal landscape we must also navigate in order to be as legitimate and within the reputable minority so to speak. Thank you for this gift of acumen, insight, and spirit.” T.G.

  2. “This book is fantastic! I’ve struggled for years with ethical considerations around building my healing practice while also being a licensed therapist in private practice. I was craving the clarity this book gave me, and I feel a sense of relief and greater confidence to move forward. I wish that I had learned these concepts as a therapist in training” G.F.

  3. “Touching into legal boundaries from the Soul Contract level really helped me to wrap my head and heart around the client-centered compassion involved in creating such boundaries. In the past physical/legal boundaries just felt so awkward. Now they feel like an essential component of the whole client-practitioner relationship. I loved this book so much I have recommended it to multiple other practitioners. Thank you for taking the time to bring this information out in the world. Bless you!” A.R.W.

  4. “The book is concise, informative and rich in useful information for practitioners of energy healing methods. I found the Exam a logical extension of the book. I am grateful that by taking the Exam, I will be receiving a certificate that will be a valuable credential.” VV

  5. “Thank you for creating and providing these materials in such a readable and user-friendly way. I generally find the jargon confusing and exhausting to read when looking at legal and ethical guidelines. But I felt the opposite was true for your material. This will certainly help me going forward in my practice.” MO

  6. “As a LMFT for 25 years I have had many ethics courses. This was the best I have seen. I found that I really wanted to learn the material not just pass the test. You did a wonderful job.” DH