Midge Murphy

Energy Medicine
Ethics & Legal Principles in Energy Healing Methods
Professional Liability Risk Management Consultant

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#3 Website & Practice Audit For sites up to 10 pages

#3 Website & Practice Audit 

For sites less than 10 pages

  • One-on-one consulting providing expert advice on how you can best represent your work and create an ethically sound practice.
  • Thorough review of your website and other marketing materials, to decrease your potential for triggering an inquiry or complaint from a licensing board, the FTC or a visitor to your website.
  • Website disclaimer designed specifically for your website – An essential risk management tool for your website!   A generic, borrowed, or form disclaimer will not protect you!
  • Educational information on the laws and regulations that apply to you as a practitioner using innovative energy techniques.
  • Client Disclosure Statement designed specifically for your practice – An essential risk management tool for your practice!  A generic, borrowed, or form Client Disclosure Statement will not protect you!