Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, LLC, Energy Medicine

Professional Liability Risk Management Consultant, Author, Speaker

Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, LLC, Energy Medicine

What Our Students Are Saying

"Having worked in the holistic field for 20 years now and being part of a Federation that covers ethics and professionalism I thought I was fairly up to speed with it all. But doing this course let me see how half-hearted my information was. This course is superb, it leaves no stone unturned and from a practitioner’s perspective pulls back any veil of illusion regarding our responsibility to our practice, our personal development/care and most importantly our clients. A clear concise framework to work within. Thank you."

C.D., United Kingdom

"In all of my years as a licensed therapist, I found your course on ethics & the law to be excellent and the most practical and understandable. I appreciate how it was so practitioner friendly. I highly recommend this course to others."

C.M., California

"This was the most in-depth and relevant ethics course I have ever taken. Thank you so much for bringing this to the world."

D.G., Kansas

"As a LMFT for 25 years I have had many ethics courses. This was the best I have seen. I found that I really wanted to learn the material not just pass the test. You did a wonderful job."

D.H., California

"As an LCSW, I am always concerned about how to best provide services while being mindful of liability. This course did a great job of providing guidance for both licensed and non-licensed practitioners. The sections on websites and disclaimers, in particular, gave me a lot of food for thought!"

D.W., Kentucky

"I find the course absolutely fabulous, great, giving and educative. Very professional. It will give me guidance and the feeling that I really am doing my best for my clients. I feel so much more confident and safer. Thanks, you for a great course."

I.O., Sweden

"Excellent course. Highly informative and valuable for establishing an ethical, credible, and professional practice."

L.P., New York

"A wonderfully written course that is concise and deeply intentional about its mission. Which is to educate CAM practitioners on how to seamlessly incorporate the ethics foundation into practice with integrity and wholeness. What a breath of fresh air! Ahh! Yes!! Thank You!"

M.M., Kentucky

"Thank you for creating and providing these materials in such a readable and user-friendly way. I generally find the jargon confusing and exhausting to read when looking at legal and ethical guidelines. But I felt the opposite was true for your material. This will certainly help me going forward in my practice."

M.O., Washington

"This was really, really helpful! I didn’t know what to expect and this course exceeded my expectations with being so comprehensive."

P.S., Indianna

"The book is concise, informative and rich in useful information for practitioners of energy healing methods. I found the Exam a logical extension of the book. I am grateful that by taking the Exam I will be receiving a certificate that will be a valuable credential."

V.V., Colorado